Frequently Asked Questions

How and where can I get DEKAs vitamins?
What are the DEKAs vitamins UPC codes?
What are the DEKAs shipping and importation costs?
How much VAT does charge?
Does DEKAs accept returns?
Are DEKAs vitamins covered by medical insurance?
Can I take DEKAs vitamins if I do not have Cystic Fibrosis, Cholestatic liver disease or have had Bariatric Surgery?
Can I use DEKAs without medical supervision?
Can I order DEKAs without prescription?

How and where can I buy DEKAs vitamins?

Please see below, per continent, the alphabetical list of countries currently serviced by this website. In the United States and Canada, please visit

DEKAs products are widely distributed. Physicians, pharmacies, private or public institutions, potential distributors and others: please email us at for questions regarding distribution in a specific country.

Countries where currently ships to:

Europe Latvia Egypt Uzbekistan
Albania Liechtenstein Libya Vietnam
Armenia Lithuania Morocco South-America
Austria Luxembourg South Africa Bolivia
Azerbaijan Malta Asia Chile
Belarus Moldova Bahrain Colombia
Belgium Monaco Hong Kong Costa Rica
Bosnia & Herzegovina Montenegro Indonesia Dominican Republic
Bulgaria Netherlands Israël Ecuador
Croatia North Macedonia Japan El Salvador
Cyprus Poland Jordan Guatemala
Czech Republic Portugal Kazakhstan Honduras
Denmark Romania Kuwait Mexico
Estonia Russia Kyrgyzstan Nicaragua
Finland San Marino Lebanon Panama
France Serbia Malaysia Paraguay
Georgia Slovakia Oman Peru
Germany Slovenia Philippines Puerto Rico
Gibraltar Spain Qatar Suriname
Greece Sweden Saudi Arabia Uruguay
Hungary Switzerland Singapore Oceania
Iceland Ukraine South Korea Australia
Ireland United Kingdom (UK) Taiwan New Zealand
Italy Africa Thailand
Kosovo Algeria United Arab Emirates

What are the DEKAs vitamins UPC codes?

The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a 13 or 12 (without the 0) digit number used to assign a unique bar code to individual products for retail sale.

DEKAs Plus Softgels

UPC: 0868176000114

DEKAs Plus Chewable Tablets

UPC: 0868176000152

DEKAs Plus Liquid

UPC: 0868176000107

DEKAs Essential Capsules

UPC: 0868176000121

DEKAs Bariatric orange & peach

UPC: 0868176000169

DEKAs Essential liquid

UPC: 0868176000138

DEKAs Aqua-D liquid

UPC: 0868176000183

DEKAs Aqua-E liquid

UPC: 0868176000176

DEKAs Aqua-K liquid

UPC: 0868176000190

DEKAs vitamins shipping & importation costs?

This depends on the product and number of units you order and your country of residence. The shipping costs are calculated in the shopping cart of the web shop. To calculate them correctly click the ‘CALCULATE SHIPPING’ or ‘CHANGE ADDRESS’ button in the cart. Then give your country as the destination and click ‘UPDATE’. The shop will then calculate the applicable shipping costs.

For all DEKAs products (except DEKAs Bariatric) any order of 4 units will have free shipping.  This applies to ALL 93 countries that we ship to.

For some countries free shipping is available if you order less than 4 units:

Austria, Benelux, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and United Kingdom 2 units or more (3 units for Bariatric)
Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland 3 units or more (4 units for Bariatric)

Please note that in some non-EU countries additional charges apply related to importation of foreign goods. In our experience duties vary between 3% and 25%, but sometimes more, depending on the country. Often a fixed handling fee is charged on top of the import duties. This fixed handling fee makes ordering multiple bottles attractive, as this fixed cost can then be divided over the various bottles.

How much VAT does charge?

A reduced tariff of 9% applicable to healthcare products is charged on retail orders.

No VAT is charged to institutions or companies with a valid VAT identification number.

Does accept returns?

Yes, under a few conditions:

  1. Returns should be received back within 14 calendar days of customer receipt.
  2. The product must be unopened (seal intact) and undamaged.

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs unless made an error in your order or the product is defective. Contact us at or by phone and we will authorize a return or a refund based on the situation.

Does medical insurance cover DEKAs vitamins?

Insurance may cover the cost of DEKAs vitamins. Please ask your physician or dietician. If DEKAs is not covered it may be helpful if your physician or other health professional submits a letter of medical necessity to your insurance company. This letter should explain the patient’s condition (that results in malabsorption) and the need for the delivery technology used in the DEKAs multivitamins to overcome micronutrient malabsorption. Please download an example here or contact us at for any further questions.

Can I use DEKAs for other conditions?

A medical professional may decide that DEKAs vitamins are indicated for other conditions than Cystic Fibrosis, Cholestatic Liver Disease or Bariatric Surgery. Please consult your physician as DEKAs vitamins should be taken under medical supervision.

Can I use DEKAs without medical supervision?

No. When you purchase DEKAs we ask you to declare that you will take DEKAs under medical supervision only.

Can I order DEKAs vitamins without a prescription?

Yes. From the Webshop you can order without prescription, but DEKAs should be taken under medical supervision, so you should inform your doctor and/or dietician.