Complete coverage of all 4 fat-soluble vitamins in Cholestatic Liver Disease through enhanced absorption with TPGS (tocofersolan).


DEKAsCholestatic Ess E

Clinically proven

DEKAs Essential Liquid and DEKAs Aqua E are both formulated with TPGS (tocofersolan) for better absorption even in the (near) absence of bile. You may combine DEKAs Essential Liquid and DEKAs Aqua-E according to your specific needs.

DEKAs vitamins are considerably less expensive than other vitamins for Cholestatic Liver Disease.

  • EU registered as ‘Food for Special Medical Purposes’
stempel clinically tested NIEUW

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DEKAs Aqua-E

Neutral tasting non-oily liquid. Contains highly absorbable water-soluble vitamin E (as tocofersolan or TPGS).

DEKAs Essential Liquid

Berry flavored liquid. Highly concentrated all-in-one combination of vitamins D, E (as tocofersolan or TPGS), K and A.

DEKAs Essential liquid and DEKAs Aqua-E are vitamins especially composed for patients with cholestatic liver disease. They contain tocofersolan, the special water soluble form of vitamin E* recommended by the European nutritional guidelines.

*) tocofersolan is also known as vitamin E-TPGS or TPGS