DEKAs all-in-one medical vitamins. Helping patients to improve their vitamin absorption.

Food for special medical purposes. To be taken under medical supervision only.

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DEKAs medical vitamins are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are registered as foods for special medical purposes with a clinically tested delivery technology that enhances absorption of vitamins.
This technology was specifically designed for patients with medical conditions that lead to malabsorption of the fat-soluble vitamins D, E, K and A. The DEKAs delivery technology wraps fat-soluble vitamins and micronutrients in small water-soluble packages (micelles).


The DEKAs delivery technology has been clinically tested for Cystic Fibrosis, Bariatric surgery and cholestatic liver disease.

DEKAs Bariatric
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The positive effect of DEKAs Bariatric for patients after Bariatric surgery was recently published in a trial with our product prototype.

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Now available

DEKAs Aqua-E and DEKAs Essential liquids for cholestatic liver disease.

Discounts for regular users

20% overall discount when ordering 5 or more units. All combinations allowed.

Why choose DEKAs All-In-One Multivitamins?

  • Clinically tested delivery technology - leads to enhanced absorption of fat-soluble vitamins as shown in clinical trials
  • Guideline compliant - adjusted to the latest dietary management guidelines
  • All-in-one - combines vitamins usually taken separately. This makes compliance to treatment easier.
  • Simple - once daily dosing also makes compliance easier
  • Pleasant - carefully composed for the best possible taste
  • High quality - manufactured in the USA under 'Good Manufacturing Practices’.
  • Pure - free of pork, gluten, casein, artificial colors or Genetically Modified Organisms.
  • Affordable - one container will often last up to 60 days
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